One Big Field


One Big Field is the User Experience(UX) design practice of Fergus Roche, offering a range of services from strategic UX direction, experience planning, innovation, through research, design and optimisation to creating rapid MVPs and app design.



  1. Running pop-up labs (from 5 day hacks to 6 month+ funded R&D projects)
  2. Stakeholder workshops (on-site, from 10-30 participants, user-centred, lively)
  3. Strategic analysis (business analysis, brand positioning towards being user-centred)
  4. UX consultancy (working with organisations towards digital-first and proposition development)



  1. Statistical analysis (web metrics, sales data to call centre logs)
  2. User testing (online and lab-based)
  3. Surveys & phone interviews (online and lab-based)
  4. Optimisation (running A/B and multi-variate testing)
  5. Live testing (approach developed to test prototypes in physical environments)



  1. User journey mapping (creating user flow to channel blue-prints)
  2. Co-design (running design sessions with users and stakeholders)
  3. Rapid prototyping (lo-fi clickable wireframes to API-integrated prototypes)
  4. MVP development (simple websites to validate your product idea)
  5. Information architecture (creating taxonomies and menu-structures)
  6. Content planning (honing the content around the user experience)
  7. Optimisation (A/B testing the new design - usually pre-build and post-build )


Econsultancy Paper

Econsultancy Paper

Published end of 2014, I wrote a paper describing my approach to UX, developed at Joylab - Best practice guide to running your own in-house lab