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Evangelising UX across R&D teams inside a global technology company

Key activities: Research, UX Lead for UK   Embedded into Cisco's Tele-presence Division, I was the the sole UK representative for Cisco UX (led from US & Norway). Besides Experience Planning & Service Design across key Cisco initiatives, my role was to evangelise UX within IT & Business Development, across the various UK sites. It gave me great insight into working within R&D in a global technology company.  

An Arthur aka MCU 5310 tele-conferencing server I set up (well attempted to)

    A key project I worked on was looking after the admin users across the product suite. While much of UX can seem all about writing up user journeys, butting out wireframes etc, actually a key piece of the UX I did was to go after the API infrastructure. This would enable the products to use the same data and functionality and more importantly, the same data sources i.e. user data & related metadata. Thereby enabling the interfaces we wanted to design to pull in the right data.   Cisco API mapping Recommending revised API infrastructure to drive change (Source: Instagram)